A Decade Of Dedicated Service

Occupational Therapy Whitsunday

In 2024, Occupational Therapy Whitsunday (OTW) proudly marks a decade of dedicated service to the Whitsundays region. Originating as the solo endeavour of now Director and Clinical Lead Tina Hamilton, the business has evolved into a cohesive team embodying a core ethos of placing clients at the heart of their mission.

Specialising in occupational therapy and allied support for children and teens up to 19 with diverse needs, the team at OTW integrate seamlessly into its community fabric. With a dynamic team including occupational therapists, an early childhood teacher, and skilled therapy assistants, the service’s unique offerings include yoga and taekwondo.

The opening of its Herbert Street premises in 2021 underscores OTW’s commitment to inclusive, comprehensive care and rural health advocacy, cherishing collaboration and recognising that true progress stems from collective effort among families, schools, and community. Every child's journey is a shared endeavour in empowerment and inclusion with OTW.

Learn more about the talented OTW team as they answer the following questions and celebrate a decade of dedicated service:

Question 1: What do you love about working at Occupational Therapy Whitsunday?

Question 2: What do you do for fun and/or self-care?

Tina Hamilton

Director & Clinical Lead

1. I honour the privilege of being part of a child's team and supporting progress towards their potential and beyond. What I really love about my work is establishing a person's strengths and enabling these to make positive changes. I also love to play!

2. For fun and rejuvenation, I love to ride my horses. I am stimulated by a challenge, whether it be physical such as getting myself and horse successfully around a jump course, cracking a fun yoga pose, bushwalking in remote locations; or creative challenges such as sewing and gardening. Other fundamentals to my self-care are a regular yoga practice, my Faith and being with family and friends.

Margaux Lovett

Senior Occupational Therapist

1. I love the variety of work at OTW, every session is different! I love supporting the building of skills in childhood occupations like playing and moving their bodies, this often means getting out in nature which is something that I love doing as nature is so important for everyone's wellbeing.

2. I really enjoy walking on the boardwalk, beach plays with the kids, yoga and pilates and watching a good movie to chill out. Self-care to me is to sleep well, move my body in a way that feels good and take daily moments to mindfully breath.

Claire Foti

Occupational Therapist

1. Working at OTW resonates with my passion for supporting children and teenagers' mental health, self-esteem, and independence. I find fulfillment in empowering them to reach their potential. Being part of a team that values holistic care blends my career and personal passions.

2. For self-care, I exercise regularly, often walking along the beach or practicing outdoors and in nature. Time at the beach rejuvenates me. I also enjoy listening to music and reading, I’m currently studying another language! To me self-care is vital, I value the importance of mental and physical well-being to create balance in life.

Jade Knight

Specialist Teacher

1. After over a decade teaching and completing a Masters in Inclusive Education I transitioned into a role at Occupational Therapy Whitsundays fulfilling my desire to work directly with children with disabilities and developmental delays and their families. This work brings a sense of fulfillment unlike any other previous job. I’m passionate about supporting and coordinating with families and educators during pivotal transition periods such as daycare, kindergarten, and the school years.

2. I enjoy being out in nature, staying active, swimming, and going to the gym. Other self-care activities I practice are good sleep hygiene, taking time out for myself, being social and having quality family time with my partner and daughter.

Anita Perryman

Allied Health Assistant (Yoga & Interoception)

1. I love the team dynamic and energy of our workplace, the environment encourages curiosity, playfulness and fun. Add to that the unique children that we work with and being able to move with them toward individual goals using our own personalised skill sets. Win-win!

2. I have a lot of relaxing and adrenalin-filled past-times that top up my bucket and provide me the opportunity for a good work-life balance. I love to camp, walk, swim, paddle, read and jump out of planes. Some of these fall into my self-care regime, too. I am also a regular yoga practitioner and teacher.

Caroline McGovern

Allied Health Assistant (General)

1. I love the TEAM at OTW. Everyone is always happy to help each other. Our clients are a delightfully diverse group which makes every day unpredictable and fun.

2. In my downtime, I enjoy doing yoga, going for a walk in nature and spending time with family and friends.

Mr Sebastian Foti

Allied Health Assistant (Taekwondo)

1. What I love most about working with OTW is the opportunity to make a tangible difference in people's lives by helping them overcome challenges and achieve their goals through teaching taekwondo. There are synergies between the principles of Taekwondo and OT, both emphasise the importance of persistence, self-awareness, and continuous improvement. Through my practice as a Black Belt (3rd Dan), I can draw upon Taekwondo to inspire my clients and support them in overcoming obstacles on their journey towards health and well-being.

2. So, whether I'm kicking it up in Taekwondo class, getting lost in a good book, listening to my favourite tunes, breaking a sweat at the gym, or nurturing my green thumb in the garden, my self-care routine is all about balance and nourishing both body and soul with the things that are important to me. After all, taking care of yourself is a necessity for living your best life.

Occupational Therapy isn't just about treating physical ailments; it's about understanding the holistic needs of individuals and finding creative solutions to enhance their daily functioning.