A Match Made In Foodie Heaven

The Deli Nook

Patrice and Simon Zarzecki

Highschool sweethearts and power couple, Patrice and Simon ventured into their entrepreneurial journey together in 2016 when they introduced grazing table and platter boxes to the Mackay region with the inception of Plattered Up.

Specialising in all thing's platter, Plattered Up quickly gained popularity, with customers often enquiring about the local availability of the items featured in their creations.

Recognising an opportunity to broaden their horizons, the couple embraced the challenge and launched The Deli Nook in 2019. Building on their expertise in crafting delicious cheese platters, meats and accompaniments, they infused their passion into every aspect of the deli's offerings. Their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction shaped The Deli Nook's evolution, as they listened attentively to feedback and fine-tuned their selections to cater to diverse tastes.

The Deli Nook quickly became a haven for food enthusiasts seeking quality and variety. With a menu centred around their favourite flavours and a dedication to serving exceptional coffee, the deli flourished, drawing in customers eager to indulge in a culinary experience that was both familiar and extraordinary. Through their dedication and willingness to embrace change, the couple transformed The Deli Nook into a beloved community gathering space, where lovers of gourmet food and coffee catch up and enjoy all things delicious.

What sets The Deli Nook apart is its unique model, shaped by the couple's love for food and their customers' preferences. Unlike traditional cafes, The Deli Nook is a place to get that hamper or gift for your foodie friend, grab a huge deli sandwich, pick up a lunchbox platter to take back to the office, order a grazing table or catering for your next occasion, or just enjoy a coffee and cronut and watch the world go by.  Uniquely, they also have ready-made platter boxes in store, to take home or to a friend's place for drinks.

Beyond platters, The Deli Nook serves as what they like to call a ‘foodie haven’, offering gourmet hampers with specialty deli items, the best cheeses and deli items from Australia and around the world, platter boards, cheese knives, cookbooks and more. Corporate gifting is also a significant aspect of their business, with customised hampers tailored to suit clients' requirements.

The couple describe their establishment as quirky, fun and above all, a community hub.

The Deli Nook invites you to not only stop by for coffee, but engage in conversations, share stories and build connections with an enveloped sense of belonging.

“We love to hear about your day, how the kids are going, what restaurants you tried on your last getaway and we’re here to make a happy place where people feel comfortable to relax and enjoy great food, great coffee and great company.”

For Patrice and Simon, The Deli Nook is more than just a business, it's a labour of love aimed at creating memorable experiences and fostering connections within their community. By prioritising quality food, excellent coffee and genuine hospitality, they've succeeded in crafting a welcoming space where customers feel valued and at home.

Pop in today and enjoy take away at its most gourmet!

Best thing about working with each other?

Patrice - You have a deep understanding of your partners daily opportunities and challenges and have the ability to help them and share the load.

Simon - Knowing that all of our achievements we’ve done together.

Most challenging thing about working together?

Patrice - Leaving work at work – I’m the worst at this!

Simon - Knowing if Patrice has a tape measure or clipboard in her hand, it means work for me.

Top tip for a peaceful work life with your partner?

Patrice - Don’t try to run every part of the business together, find your separate strength areas and work to them.

Simon - Respect your partner’s decisions in their area/s of the business and support them.  If you don’t believe in them who will?