A Whole Lifestyle Change

With Nutritionist Rebecca Tarver

“People don’t know how good they can feel, just by eating well!”

Food is the fuel by which we function, it is our energy, our vitality, our lifeblood. What we choose to ingest influences every part of our human existence. From our mood and mental health to our skin tone, the sparkle in our eyes, clarity of thought and our ability to live a fulfilling life. This is something that Nutritionist Bec Tarver understands intimately, having studied the modality and gained formal qualifications which are actively transforming lives all across the region. From weight loss to mobility, hormonal balancing to better quality sleep and reduced anxiety; she has been able to resolve countless conditions by simply prescribing meal plans and nutritional supplements.

Growing up on a farm in Kaikoura on the South Island of New Zealand, Bec always had a deep to connection to the land and, in her adult years, developed a firm understanding of food as medicine. She recalls eating from the vegetable garden as a child, but despite this connection to the land, her family did not have the education at the time to always eat healthily. Her dad became a fisherman, and they consumed fish most nights, but it was often deep fried and big portions.

Moving to Australia in her twenties, Bec worked on charter boats here in the Whitsundays, which is where she met her husband. The couple soon returned to New Zealand where they had their first daughter, but returned to Australia to live just before their second daughter was born. It wasn’t until the children were in school, however, that Bec decided to pursue a passion for nutrition.

Studying her Advanced Diploma in Nutritional Medicine took a few years, and she has been practising locally now since 2018. In addition to this, Bec works remotely part-time, via telehealth for a large clinic in Melbourne. With over 40 other practitioners, this larger network of Naturopaths and Nutritionists provides a wonderful foundation of support and knowledge to develop skills and techniques in the field.

Bec runs her own business from a dedicated consultation room at Intuitive Massage in Cannonvale.

“I love learning new things, it’s fascinating! All our body systems tie in together and impact each other. Your gut health connects to your brain, impacts your hormones and immune system - everything links together.”

A firm believer in preventative medicine Bec is dedicated to breaking the cycle and replacing it with a positive symbiotic approach where every aspect complements the other. With nutritional tools of diet and lifestyle advice, and high-quality supplements, she can create a personalised plan of what each individual needs to thrive.

It’s time to say good-bye to that bloated, exhausted feeling and welcome a new vitality that can transcend even your wildest expectations.

The Metabolic Balance® Program

Take The 12-Week Transformation Challenge

Stripping back your food consumption to its bare bones and rebooting your system can completely transform your life. From this new foundation, it is possible to rebuild and reset

metabolic health to create long-term results conducive to maximising your wellbeing.

Bec experienced this transformation firsthand by putting herself through the challenge after completing the formal training with Metabolic Balance® losing ten kilos but gaining much more in overall comfort and vitality. Since then, she has spread the word of the program’s success and transformed the lives of countless others in the community.

People are reporting improved sleep quality, others with chronic pain have

witnessed it disappear and many have lost a significant amount of weight.

This 12-week metabolic program works by resetting your metabolism and reducing inflammation. It all begins with an initial consultation which examines the issues you want to resolve, your goals and a baseline for Bec to work from. Body measurements are taken and you are then sent for a blood test where 36 markers are taken by a pathologist. Finally, results are entered into the Metabolic Balance ® database.

Metabolic Balance is a 30-year-old program initially developed by a Doctor, a Nutritionist and Naturopath in Germany.

“It has a strong scientific backing but also a holistic approach,” explains Bec. “From your blood test results and measurement data, specific foods and a meal plan is formulated just for you. It is very individualised for that person to help correct nutritional deficiencies, downgrade inflammation and support the structure and function of the body.”

Most of the “magic” occurs in the first month, where the client sticks strictly to the foods and meal plan provided. After this, more flexibility is gradually introduced with food choices.

“It’s important to know, this program is designed to show people what foods help them feel good, how to prepare it, and when to eat,” added Bec. “It is a healthy lifestyle change for longevity, not a short term diet, only to return to old habits. You need to be prepared to eat whole food and to cook from scratch, clients need to be prepared for change.”

The entire program is completely supported by Bec, and participants receive six consultations where their meal plan can be tweaked or updated. In addition, their goals and progress will be monitored and gauged.

“It’s the complete re-set,” shared Bec. “And it will change your life.”