BEAUTY And The BEAST Of Industry

Frank Attard and Nadine Becker

Once upon a time, in the bustling realm of business in Mackay, there existed a tale as old as time – the story of a beauty and a beast of industry. In this enchanting fairytale, two proprietors, Nadine Becker and Frank Attard, each reign over their own kingdoms of commerce.

Nadine, the enchantress of elegance, presides over Ella Bache, a salon renowned for its indulgent offerings and meticulous attention to detail. From the ethereal glow of laser treatments to the delicate skill of designer brows and lashes, Nadine's realm is a haven of relaxation and refinement. Nadine herself is preparing to study the fine art of brow tattooing adding to the magical menagerie of beauty treatments available.

Meanwhile, across the enchanted lands of Paget, Frank stands as the formidable guardian of Key Solutions Group. A titan in the field of innovation and ingenuity, Key Solutions reigns supreme as the cornerstone of engineering excellence. With its mighty facilities in Mackay boasting colossal crane capacities and sprawling laydown areas to test major equipment, Key Solutions stands ready to conquer any challenge that crosses its path.

Evolving over the years to meet the needs of its clients, KSG acquired Ralph Builders last year to form KSG Civil & Construction to complement the business’ existing engineering, structural and mechanical capabilities. KSG has also merged recently with Mackay Electrical to form KSG Electrical. In parallel, the emergence of augmented reality, AI and robotics has seen KSG implement a number of cutting-edge processes. The arrival of welding robots will increase productivity and give the KSG team advanced skills.

So, how did it come to be that a beast of industry and a Queen of beauty fell in love?

We sat down with the couple to find out!

How did you meet?

“I used to work in the car industry,” Nadine said.

“He took me for a coffee and a walk we chatted for what felt like minutes but was in fact hours.”

With your businesses being in very different industries, what commonalities do you talk about?

“All of our organisations are driven by solid relationships and community involvement,” Frank said.

“We also will talk about ideas to innovate whether it be in Beauty or Industry.”

We hear you are getting married soon, any hints on location?

Nadine laughed, “Sorry family and friends, no spoiler alerts!

“We are looking forward to having a beautiful relaxed day with our children, family and close friends.

“Marrying my best friend will truly be beautiful no matter where or how.”

Outside of business talk, what other passions do you share?

“Our children,” Frank said, “We both love supporting them, being around them and their interests.

“We also love to get to the beach and reef and do some fishing with the family. Nadine and I also go to the gym together daily.”

Tell us a bit about your family?

Frank is the oldest of 7, I myself am the youngest of 7 - and in our family, we have 7 children,” Nadine said.

“We are a very close family we have been so lucky to have such beautiful kind and hard-working kids. We really are so blessed.