Explore The Whitsundays With Airlie Boat Hire

For just over a decade, Airlie Boat Hire has been giving its customers the freedom to explore the Whitsundays independently by becoming the captain of one of the vessels they have for hire. Their exceptional personalised service, selection of quality vessels and the convenient extras, such as their range of water activities and eskies, make Airlie Boat Hire an easy, exciting and affordable way to get out on the water.

Airlie Boat Hire sits securely at the heart of Coral Sea Marina surrounded by floating pontoons and an efficient floating office.

This rapidly expanding business began with two boats in 2014, and now operates with over 10 vessels in their fleet. Customers possessing a recreational boat license are able to hire a vessel on a self-hire basis to enjoy a day on the water or an extended hire period, which can include multiple days indulging in all the Whitsundays has to offer.

Those without a boat license can still join in on the fun with relaxing day trips and fishing excursion in the protected waters of the beautiful bays running alongside the mainland. Airlie Boat Hire conveniently hires out fishing rods, tackle boxes, snorkeling equipment, stinger suits, solar powered phone chargers, sunshades, and much more to further ensure both their travelling and local customers get the most out of their experience.  

The business is continuously adding additional vessels to their expanding fleet to appeal to various interests. Their latest additions, the McLay CrossXover and an impressive 7-meter Yellow Fin, stand as luxurious boats to provide an elevated environment with closed cabins and extra shade covers for long days spent in the open ocean. The opportunity to hire a boat for an extended period allows customers to enjoy as little or as much time on the water as they please. Customers often choose to camp on the surrounding islands or sleep on the vessel itself to fall asleep listing to the lapping waves.

Airlie Boat Hire continues to operate with the upmost respect to their duty of care to their customers. The team of dedicated staff often goes to great lengths to provide their customers with the best possible experiences.