Pure Food, Rich Heart

With Hayley And Paul From Airlie Health Hub

The purity of nature, the goodness of the garden and the simplicity of supplying fresh, healthy organic produce. The natural cycle of our precious planet seems to work best with the authentic flow of ethically sourced produce, and this growing trend captures a spirit of consumerism that humbles its origins and connects with the land.

Two individuals who are bringing us ‘back to scratch’ and re-setting the way we shop are Hayley and Paul Moran. This inspiring local couple have, for the past two and a half years, been steadily nurturing a community of people who like to shop with meaning and show care in the way they consume everyday items. Airlie Health Hub has encouraged people to ask where products come from, consider how they are sourced and learn how they impact the world around them. By doing so, they have created both a vibrant health food shop and a growing movement of deeply caring consumers.

Hayley recalls growing up in the Sunshine Coast where she was fortunate to live in an area of primary producers, “the milkman lived down the road, when we wanted honey, we went to the honey lady and it was never about supermarkets, it was all about supporting the small businesses and going to Farmer’s Markets.”

When she arrived in Airlie Beach 16 years ago, she was amazed to see this culture did not exist here in the Whitsundays. Determined to enact change within her own community she waited patiently until the time was right to create the dream of bringing fresh organic produce to the community.

Meeting Paul 11 years ago while they both worked in tourism, the couple have been married for five years and now love nothing more than running the business together. They take pride in forming friendships with local suppliers and they frequently head out to local farms where they enjoy interacting with the animals and helping to pull beautiful fresh produce out of the ground. These incredible local supplies are then brought straight to Airlie Health Hub where they are placed directly onto the shelves.

“Most of our customers who buy the food also know the farmers, as we always say ‘know your farmer, know your food’ – everyone can see where it comes from and who grows it,” explains Paul.

Excited to be welcoming in a new season of fresh produce such as local melons, pumpkins, capsicums and mushrooms, Paul and Hayley are humbled to help educate as well as change the way people choose to purchase their food and general household items. Inside their Cannonvale store, customers are welcomed into a fresh, bright and invigorating setting where every item has been carefully displayed to look both appealing and easy to browse. Organic pastas, grains, rice, flours and other dry goods are stored in clear class jars and customers are encouraged to bring their own jars or paper bag to fill up their own supplies.

At the heart of the store is the abundant fresh organic produce, a colourful centrepiece with the season’s ripest and most flavoursome fruit and veggies. To the back of the stores lies the pantry items and chemical free cleaning products. And to the side, you will find the popular Coffee Bar which serves organic coffee and locally sourced milk.

Embodying the culture of their business, Paul and Hayley are passionate advocates who love nothing more than to chat with customers and inspire a conscious community of healthy individuals who are all drawn to their central hub.

Airlie Health Hub: 157/159 Shute Harbour Road, Cannonvale

Phone: 4903 2604

How do you work best as a couple:

We work as a team doing it Hayley’s way!

Best part of the job?

The beautiful friends we’ve met along the way and building a community.

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