The Full Body Fix

With EvoPrime Fitness

Fitness is a lifestyle choice where mobility is regained, newfound strength is explored, and your physical performance is matched only by a feeling of empowerment. At EvoPrime Fitness, the art of movement is reshaping what to expect from your exercise routine. Their unique health and fitness studio focuses on high quality movement, longevity, anti-ageing, wellness and vitality by introducing a training framework that includes the whole human.

Dedicated to people ‘who don’t like gyms’, EvoPrime offers a private and personalised service that allows for discretion, promotes self-belief and makes incredible transformations come true. By following a custom-designed fitness plan just three times a week, major life changes have occurred – injuries are healed and movement is restored.

Husband and wife team, Matt and Ash Lade, are the driving force behind this ground-breaking local fitness offering. They both bring their individual experiences to the genesis of this program which started back at the business’ inception in 2014. A keen rugby league player, Matt broke his ankle just two weeks before a grand final and was told he may never play again. The founder of EvoPrime, Jan Hutnan, asked him to follow a specific plan and by doing so, Matt was able to make a full recovery in time for the start of the next season.

Meanwhile, Ash has her own story to share. A self-confessed gym-junkie, she was heading to the gym seven days a week, but never getting the results she craved. Upon meeting Jan, Ash followed his program and when she reduced her workout to three times a week, the results were incredible. In fact, they compelled Ash to follow her own dreams of becoming a Personal Trainer and pursuing a career in fitness. She joined forces with Jan and has been operating the business for the past nine years. In 2019, Matt and Ash decided to officially purchase EvoPrime, and have not looked back since.

“It’s not just about performance, it’s about longevity,” said Matt. “We meet people who have been everywhere – to doctors and physios – and they’re not getting the relief or the results. By teaching them the tools to do it themselves, we give them accountability and growth.”

“That’s our big thing – we teach people to work smarter not harder,” added Ash. “We teach our clients everything they need to know so they can do it at home, they can keep progressing and use what they’ve learnt as maintenance, so they build daily habits.”

“We meet people who can’t reach down and tie their own shoelaces or haven’t been able to jump up a step for years – they are amazed how quickly they can re-learn these skills – the only reason people can’t do these things is because they’ve stopped doing them!”

Matt and Ash teach with a holistic approach, they train the connective tissue, the nervous system, the brain function – the whole framework to create space in the body where mobility, strength and dynamic performance thrive.

Offering intimate group classes with a maximum of 10 participants, EvoPrime provide three tiers of club memberships, each with their own level of assistance. Choose between a Personalised Trainer and dedicated progress plan or go for the slightly less structured lifestyle classes. There is something for everyone at EvoPrime. They also offer life coaching and are proud suppliers of DoTerra.

Operating from their brand-new dedicated training studio at 1064 Shute Harbour Road at Mt Marlow, Matt and Ash’s dream of transcending the way we do fitness has come true, and they invite you to join them in this journey.

Best thing about working together?

We are so different, Ash is more about education and I am more about the practical side.

Worst thing about working together?

Also, that we are so different!