A Healthy Alternative To Injectables And Cosmetic Surgery!

Skin Transformations by Allison

Allison Bekker

At the heart of Skin Transformations lies Allison's unwavering passion for skin health.

Her journey into advanced corrective treatments, such as Plasma Fibroblasting and CoolJet Pro Cold Plasma, ignited a renewed devotion for her career.

Avoid costly and risky cosmetic surgeries and consider Plasma Fibroblast Treatments, a new revolutionary non-surgical skin tightening treatment which is highly effective and a remarkable healthy alternative to surgery. At Skin Transformations they only use the best technologies on the market. Plasma Pen and CoolJet Plasma by Louise Walsh are crafted in Germany and are both FDA registered and TGA approved.

As we age, the dermal layer of the skin starts getting thinner, elasticity lessens and collagen levels decrease, leading to wrinkles, lines and sagging skin. The Plasma Pen is a soft surgical procedure that is capable of treating a wide range of skin conditions that are usually treated with surgery or cosmetic injections.

“Since starting plasma treatments almost four years ago, I found my passion again. I love the medical side of beauty which delves beyond the cosmetic quick fixes and focuses on real rejuvenation. Eye lid tightening and mole removal would be my favourites. I love being able to help people's self-confidence.” Allison said.

The Plasma Pen produces a tiny plasma spark that evaporates small superficial dots of skin (reduces 25% of loose skin per treatment) and stimulates fibroblast cells, creating collagen and elastin. The final remodelling of the new cells takes 12 weeks to see the full transformation. These new fibroblast cells keep producing collagen for up to 3 years. This treatment can be used all over the body to tighten skin, reduce scar tissue and to also remove unwanted lumps (moles require doctors’ approval). Vagina skin tightening and remodelling available next year.

The Cool Jet Pro Plasma is a gentler option – Imagine painless invisible skin needling that creates micro channels for 70% increase in product absorption. Other benefits are • enhanced collagen production • healthy skin regeneration • accelerated wound healing • hair stimulation and sterilises the skin to improve acne, Rosacea, Dermatitis, Eczema + more.

“Our approach is centred around the significance of thorough skin preparation and personalised care. Strengthening your skin from the inside with the right prescribed inner skincare supplements (Advanced Nutrition Program) as well as the outside with topical cosmeceutical skincare (Medik8, Mesoestetic + ProCell) and to enhance results with advanced corrective clinic treatments, will ensure your skin reaches its maximum potential and visibly transforms into the skin you’ve always dreamt of.” Allison said.

In fact, Allison is one of the top Plasmologists in Australia, endorsed by the International Plasma Pen Trainer while demonstrating treatments at the Sydney beauty expo in 2022.

Beyond her professional endeavours, Allison's life is a testament to balance and adventure. From playing and coaching softball to camping trips with her family and beloved border collie, Merlot. She is a Mackay local through and through, with roots firmly planted in community and connection.

As Allison continues to expand her skill set, currently studying, diploma of nursing and explores new avenues for growth, one thing remains constant: her unwavering dedication to helping others look and feel their best. Her commitment to natural, transformative skincare is a breath of fresh air, a reminder that radiant beauty begins with healthy skin.

Best health or beauty tip you've ever been given?

Apply sunscreen daily!

Protecting your skin from the sun is crucial, as it's responsible for 80% of premature aging, and given that Australia has one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world, it's an essential habit.

Most effective health or beauty product you've ever used?

Plasma Fibroblasting treatments have been incredibly effective for me.

For at-home use, Medik8 Sleep Glycolic is my favourite. It's an encapsulated glycolic acid peel that smoothes and brightens the complexion overnight.

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