A Rewarding Role

With Accounts Manager Jaime Deakes

With 25 years in the field and 15 years of experience as the accounts manager, Jaime Deakes finds working at ShirtFront Solutions very rewarding.

Specialising in organisation with a profound talent and passion for making people laugh, Jaime is loved by her work-colleagues and customers alike.

Having been with the company since its inception, Jaime now dedicates one day per week to completing payroll, managing accounts, assisting with quotes and tackling any additional tasks that arise.

Originally born and bred in Moranbah, she moved to to Airlie Beach in 1998, at which time she decided she was firm on never marrying a Coal Miner…until she fell in love with one and decided to marry him. They have now been happily together for 25 years.

Her three adult children have all moved out to live with their own partners as they begin their own journey towards a prosperous life and, now that they are “empty nesters”, Jaime and her husband enjoy the company of their toy poodles which she says “are like my babies now.”

As an honoured colleague, devoted mother, loving spouse and cherished friend, Jaime's versatile nature extends to her deep appreciation for the outdoors.

Camping trips hold a special place in her heart, yet she also treasures moments of down-time on her property, where she often likes to plug in her earphones, put on a bit of country music and hop on the zero-turn mower.