Embroidery Expertise

With Embroiderer Jennifer Horsford

Bringing with her over 60 years of sewing experience, Jenny started learning how to sew at a very young age from her mother who was a skilled tailoress. She can remember sitting under her mother’s feet for hours as a child, watching her sew and absorbing knowledge which she still uses to this day.

For many years, sewing was a much-loved hobby for Jenny, and one that led her to receive significant acclaim. An international prize winner, Jenny’s talent for quilt making has seen her receive world-wide appreciation.

It was just four years ago, however, that Jenny turned her hobby into a profession. Prior to this she worked within the schooling system, having risen in the ranks from teacher’s assistant to school registrar. After purchasing a domestic embroidery machine, however, she discovered a new and exciting avenue to explore. Harnessing her computer savvy knowledge from years in administration, Jenny became proficient in machine operation, and was able to apply these skills to the industrial embroidery machine at Shirtfront Solutions.

She started with the business four years ago and has since taken the helm of this vital section of the company. With a passion for turning drawings into digitised creations, Jenny can generate precise and refined finishes that give your branding a look of finesse and quality workmanship. She is also a highly skilled seamstress, offering everything from alterations to hemming and everyday jobs like fixing zips.

If you are looking for a quality, internationally award-winning seamstress then make sure you call into Shirtfront Solutions today!