Bringing The Science Into Natural Medicine

With Rowena Kissun From Kissun Clinics

Rowena Kissun, owner of Kissun Clinics has been offering her expertise in both Medical Science and Naturopathy for over 16 years in the Whitsundays. Her clinic services have expanded to Mackay, Sydney and Adelaide, with fully accessible services and testing now available over Telehealth and in laboratories throughout Australia.

Born and raised in country, NSW, Rowena studied Medical Sciences in Sydney (University of Western Sydney) and Herbal Medicine (Naturopathy) in Armidale (University of New England), followed by further study overseas. Integrating the science of the human body with functional pathology testing is Rowena’s forte. She has a keen interest in finding solutions that are natural, potent, scientifically verified and readily available, especially to her regional clients.      

Kissun Clinics employs two Naturopaths, an Acupuncturist, two Health Consultants and a Registered IV Nurse. The clinic also leases with two GP’s in both Brisbane and Adelaide.

Rowena’s ultimate goal is to investigate and understand the root cause of a person’s health concern. To do this involves thorough conversation, followed by pathology testing then a practical plan for the patient to follow.

Rowena, tell us about growing up, and how you got into Natural Medicine?

Growing up in a tiny town watching my mum and dad run medical centres and pharmacies in rural areas around Rylstone and Mudgee NSW had me immersed in healthcare since I was a baby. Intellectual curiosity about the human body led me to choosing a career in health care, but with a twist. I have a huge respect for health care practitioners from all modalities. Everything has its place. We need pharmaceuticals just as much as we need a healthy diet and access to good quality natural medicine. Healthcare can be very expensive, and it is wonderful to see clients aim to prevent illness by adopting healthy practices before illness occurs.

We would love to hear about your journey with Kissun Clinics and how it has evolved?

Having Kissun Clinics for over 16 years, I have watched natural medicine change so much. My education and experience allows me to wear numerous hats when I am listening to my patient’s story. My interest lay in learning more about oncology, hormone balance, chronic fatigue and the effect of the microbiome on a person’s health.

What’s the best health advice you have ever been given?

My parents are constantly giving me health advice, and it always centres around whole food eating, growing your own veggies and staying away from packaged food. I completely agree with them. I don’t believe in diets. When clients ask me how to eat healthy, we always go back to the basics that my parents follow to this day. By focusing on unprocessed, nourishing foods, you're giving your body the building blocks for optimal health and providing a shield against illness. Whole foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts, and seeds are packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants vital for cellular function and disease protection.

What is the most effective health product?

This might sound strange, but even though I work with prescriptive vitamins and IV nutrients which are both incredible, I would have to say the one thing I notice time and time again which benefits our health the most is our mindset. Achieving health goals is simply easier and more attainable when we start with a positive mindset. If you have the frame of mind that you are a victim of life’s circumstances, I believe this really makes things hard. I spend a lot of time in my office coaching my clients into believing that their body has an inherent ability to heal. The connection between mental and physical well-being is undeniable, and it is certainly something we should all think about, if we have a health issue we are trying to resolve.